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grand theft auto v + scenery (x)

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Grand Theft Auto V 

Rockstar Games is proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto V will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18, 2014 with the PC version to follow January 27, 2015.

Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will feature a range of major visual and technical upgrades to make Los Santos and Blaine County more immersive than ever. In addition to increased draw distances and higher resolution, players can expect a range of additions and improvements including

More details here

mililap said:
I read somewhere that Rockstar was planning something for Canis Canem Edit (Bully). Do you know anything about it?

You can read what Dan Houser (Co-founder of Rockstar and Vice President of creativity) said here and another article here.

500yearsthephoenix said:
what's the chance rockstar gose old school dose a remake of manhunt for ps4 no chance huh..

The people at Rockstar are so secretive so no one knows if there’s a chance that it’d come back but the people at Rockstar. I would LOVE a new Manhunt game. Besides GTA, Manhunt was the first Rockstar Game I played and I was like 11 (Who lets their kid play that at a young age right?) but I think it’d sell really well. Rockstar knows how to sell.


Max Payne 3


Max Payne 3

so it’s Fort Mercer you wanna visit?

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