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"So I guess I’d become what they wanted me to be, a killer. Some rent-a-clown with a gun who puts holes in other bad guys. Well that’s what they had paid for, so in the end that’s what they got." - Max Payne

Max Payne 3 - Main Menu Theme


Welcome to Los Santos.

I didn’t want it to come to this…

dragonstout said:
yeah man they need to announce something! Im hoping 4 GTA V on current gen and or red dead 3, honestly i dont even care what it i just what to hear what they got planned lol i know heist is the next thing for GTA online.

I don’t even care either. I know the next game is gonna be HUGE and CRAZY!! I’m still waiting for GTAV on next gen though.

Max Payne 3 // Favourite loading screen

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